A general purpose statement of qualification comparability

The Statement of Comparability compares overseas qualifications to the UK education system, comparing them to UK qualifications and framework levels. This service does not provide a comment on grades, grade comparisons, or the subjects studied.

The statement should be presented together with your original qualification documents to evidence the comparable UK level of your overseas studies.

It is common in the UK for evidence of high school qualifications to be asked for when you are applying for a job or for study. When you apply for a Statement of Comparability, we recommend that you include your high school qualifications together with the main qualification that you are submitting for evaluation. Note that you can include a maximum of 6 qualifications in your application for this service.

Note that this service may not be suitable for you if you need a document to help with the following:

Purpose of application: Service provided by Ecctis to assist with this:
I need documents to show evidence of my English language proficiency based on a Bachelor, Master or PhD degree completed outside of the UK. Ecctis provides a group of services called Visas and Nationality services There are various options depending on your visa application requirements. See the Visas and Nationality web pages for more information.
I need documents to assist with an application to CSCS, JIB-PMES, ECS, SKILLcard or LISS. Ecctis provides services as part of our Industry Skills Statement process to assist with this type of application. See the Industry Skills Statement web pages for more information about the services available.
I want to work in the Early Years sector in England (The early years stage in education covers the learning and development of children from birth to 5 years old) Ecctis provides a dedicated service for Early Years.

The purpose of the Statement of Comparability service is to allow persons with qualifications completed outside of the UK to evidence the comparable level of these in the UK education frameworks.

When we evaluate a qualification, we consider many factors, including entry requirements to the course, syllabus studied, length of study etc. Our evaluation team researches your qualification to determine an appropriate level of comparison with the UK system.

We aim to complete qualification evaluations for this service within 15 working days. However, in some cases, further research is needed to complete an evaluation. In these cases, the service can take longer. If this happens with your application, we will tell you by messaging you through your online account.

For more information about how we evaluate qualifications, please see our Methodology page.

Note that our Statement of Comparability is not a replacement for your qualifications. It is a support to your qualifications. The Statement of Comparability helps to explain and to give context to your qualifications when you are applying for a job or for study.

Applications for the Statement of Comparability service are made online through our website.

At the bottom of this page, you will see an “Apply Now” button. This allows you to register and create an online account. Then you can begin your application process with UK ENIC. As our services are provided by Ecctis, you create your online account with Ecctis.

Once you have created your account, and followed the verification link emailed to you, select the “Start your Application” button in the portal.

This will take you through the application process. This includes adding your qualification, uploading photographs of the supporting documents, providing your contact information so we can deliver your order, and choosing a delivery option based on your location.

Note that an application is not fully submitted and complete until full payment has been made.

All documents given must be clear colour photographs (JPEG file recommended).

We need to see all 4 corners of the document. The document should be placed on a flat surface such as a table. We need to be able to see the background around the document.

We may ask you to send more images if we cannot see all 4 corners of the pages in the images you send.

The initial documentation that we need to begin the evaluation are:

  • The final certificate given to you when you completed your qualification.
  • The official transcript showing all subjects or modules studied and grades achieved throughout your studies, issued by the awarding institution. Please note that we cannot accept transcripts from affiliated colleges.
  • Certified translations of your documents if they are not originally issued in English by the institution, and if you are not using our Translation Waiver service. For information about the Translation Waiver Service and what this means, please see our FAQ page.
  • Evidence of any changes in your name, including legal identification showing your current legal name (such as a passport or driving licence). This is only required if the name used during your studies is not the same as your current legal name.

For affordable, high-quality certified translations suitable for UK ENIC applications, we recommend

Note that these documents are necessary to begin the evaluation process. It is possible our Evaluation Team may ask for more supporting documents to assist with the qualification evaluation.

This service costs £49.50 + VAT* plus the price of your chosen delivery option. The timeframe to complete your order is 15 working days from when we receive all necessary documents for each submitted qualification and full payment.

All timeframes mentioned include our review process, when we review the documents you send us. An update will be given to you in the User Portal within 15 working days from when any additional documents are sent to us. Please allow the full 15 working days for our team to provide an update through the “Order Status” area of the User Portal.

This service is eligible for our optional Fast Track process. Information about what this is, timeframes available, and additional fees, can be found on our Fast Track page.

If we have to ask for more documents during the application process, the time clock for completion of your order re-starts from when we receive the additional documents.

*VAT if applicable